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SDG Integrates SoftStartUSA Technology into ATMOS Air Conditioning Systems


Starting in July 2024, SDG will integrate SoftStartUSA technology into its ATMOS air conditioning systems.


The rigorous testing and qualification procedures at SDG have shown that SoftStartRV technology significantly reduces startup inrush current, leading to improved power efficiency and peak startup performance. This technology was subjected to a demanding cycle-testing process that included various conditions mimicking actual user scenarios.


The integration of SoftStartRV technology into the ATMOS air conditioning systems is particularly beneficial given the recent increase in the use of lithium batteries and solar power for off-grid camping. The soft start technology allows for greater flexibility in usage, enabling the ATMOS units to start more easily off inverters and generators, and offering the opportunity to run more appliances simultaneously.


One of the standout features of SoftStartRV is its compact size, up to 52% smaller than other similar units. This smaller size fits perfectly with the low-silhouette, aerodynamic designs of the ATMOS units without restricting valuable airflow within the rooftop compartment.


The advantages of installing ATMOS units with SoftStartRV include a significant reduction of startup amps, making it easier to start the units off inverters and generators and allowing more appliances to run simultaneously. For end-users, this means full startup capabilities, more convenience, and less impact on the power supply or other systems. For RV manufacturers, the benefits include better user experiences, utilization in multiple coach classes, and less impact on internal components of the RV.


SDG is offering both end-users and RV manufacturers the option to purchase the ATMOS eco or comfort models with a SoftStartRV unit pre-installed directly through SDG. The soft start installation is customized to specifically fit the ATMOS units and, since it is installed by SDG, complies with SDG’s warranty terms. Additionally, existing ATMOS owners may purchase a soft start upgrade through an SDG Service Facility or an SDG Mobile Technician.


The goal is to help RV owners get the most out of their RV experience. Every system, component, and upgrade is designed to live up to its promise and make camping moments unforgettable.

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