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Einstein Controller

Telematic IoT control device

Einstein controller is an innovative control device that allows the user to control up 1 area of control, making it suitable for cabins and cranes.


Einstein controller uses CAN technology and is framed in the Sanz Telematic project. It gathers information about the operation of the HVAC system and reports this information to the cloud via an internal SIM card. Einstein also informs the user about GPS location.


In combination with Clima.Center, Einstein offers a complete solution for HVAC management, diagnosis and maintenance for the fleet. Explore our section Sanz Telematic to know more about this technology.

Technical Specs

Dimensions                          76 x 74 x 51.5mm (3'' x 2.91'' x 2'')

Areas of control                   1

Max. Number of nodes       1

Air flow control.                   PWM or 3-velocities

Coolang valve control         ON/OFF or Progressive

Recirculation flap.                ON/OFF

Distribution flap.                  3-position

AC driver control                  Yes

GPS                                        Yes

SIM Card                               Yes

Alerts                                     Real time

Other                                     Preheater and AUX heater option

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