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Dreiha 12SC

Rooftop HVAC unit

Dreiha 12SC is the most INNOVATIVE rooftop HVAC unit in its market segment.


With a cooling capacity (and heating optional) of 12 kW (41,000 Btu/h), Dreiha 12SC is designed for vans, mini, midi and shuttle buses up to 21 passengers.


Its structure and housings are 100% built with polypropylene, making Dreiha 12SC the lightest unit in the market. Additionally, once assembled in the vehicle it is CONNECTED to the cloud, offering real-time diagnosis and online connectivity.

Maintenance-free, immediate installation and modular interior design are other benefits this exclusive unit offers.

Technical Specs

Dimensions                  1634 x 1183 x 205 mm (64.3x 46.6 x 8 inch)

Operating voltage      12 / 24 VDC

Operating current.      33 A (24V) and 66 A (12V)

Heating capacity.        10 kW (35,000 Btu/h)

Cooling capacity.        12 kW (41,000 Btu/h)

Air flow.                       2400 m3/h (1420 cfm)

Weight                        38 kg (84 lb)

Blower type                Brushless

Control                        Telemetry control

Air distribution           Direct to vents. Plenum available upon request

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